Thursday, 23rd June 2016

Ben Thornton

Nigel Povah, MSc, C.Psychol 

As one of the leading Assessment Centre (AC) practitioners in the UK, Nigel talked about the many positive aspects of this often misunderstood methodology.  His session covered what constitutes an AC and the numerous different applications for which they are used, with particular reference to the developmental AC or Development Centre and how the AC is evolving, particularly through the use of technology. He also covered how ACs are sometimes maligned or abused and how this can and should be avoided, particularly as a BPS committee of which he was a member, has recently created a set of UK guidelines to encourage best practice.

Ben Thornton

Dr Kate Hammond

Lecturer, Kingston University

Kate’s Lunchtime Poster Presentation explored the influence of group processes on End of Day Discussions in an Assessment Centre.

Ben Thornton

Dr Charles Bethell Fox

Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry Hay Group, London

This presentation outlined how Korn Ferry assesses participants against certain behaviours, researched over the last 47 years, using a series of real-life leadership simulations that mimic – in detail – the core challenges faced by 21st century CEOs.  It was also described how participant-focused support and feedback are used to give participants motivating insights into what they should leverage, and what they should change, so that they are in a strong position to implement an accelerated learning plan to support their future success.