Training Offers for Members of The Psychometrics Forum

BeTalent Resilience – 7 point Normative Questionnaire using the Standard 10 (Sten) scale. Takes up to 15 minutes to complete and has 80 questions. Assesses 9 positive emotions on a good day, and 9 negative emotions on a bad day and provides an overall indication of resilience. Offers coping strategies and actions. Includes social desirability and self-deception scales. Three types of report: Personal, Expert and Team. Can be used to support assessment for recruitment decisions and for development and coaching. There is also a card sort activity that can be used in conjunction with the questionnaire to raise awareness, prompt reflection and create discussion.

BeTalent Psychological Safety – Normative questionnaire, uses a 7-point rating scale, standardised using Stens. Assess 10 dichotomous aspects of Psychological Safety assessed using 50 questions. Takes 12 minutes to complete. Helps to create an understanding of how people feel within their organisation or within their current team. Three types of report: Personal, Personal Team Member (which compares to the team) and Team. Useful for raising awareness about Psychological Safety, increasing employee engagement and discretionary effort. There is also a card sort activity that can be used in conjunction with the questionnaire to raise awareness and create team discussion.

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Psychological Consultancy Ltd

Hogan Courses

Hogan Certification Workshops, Hogan Personality Inventory Course, Motives Values Preferences Inventory Course, Hogan Development Survey Course, Hogan Development Survey Advanced Course, Risk Type Compass and Profile:Match Workshops. Further information on these courses, the training calendar and a booking form can be found on PCL’s website.  For information about the training, please contact Sarah Rasmussen at PCL:, or by phone on 01892 559540.

Ben Thornton

Advanced People Strategies

Hogan Assessments

See Advanced People Strategies‘ website for details of the Hogan Courses they offer.

See below for information on training we have offered in the past.  We are now looking at how best to provide our members with training offers going forward, so please keep checking the website for updates.

Ben Thornton

Business Cognition Ltd


Training in the new e-based learning format.  This is an original and distinctive diagnostic and development tool, adopted by increasing numbers of coaches and consultants in the context of leadership, team and talent development, executive coaching and culture change work. The focus is on the use of talk, a competence which is both pivotal and problematic. The online accredited practitioner training course is a blended learning programme, comprising text, video and audio material for self-study, interactive discussion forums, live practice and video conference sessions. For information on Voiceprint contact:

Ben Thornton

AQR International

Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48)

The MTQ48 assessment is a unique 48 item high-quality psychometric measure that measures Mental Toughness which describes the mindset that every person adopts in everything they do. It is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, grit, etc.  For more information visit AQR International website.

Team Focus


This workshop is for Type practitioners who want to combine better, quicker, more effective exploration of Type. You will gain access to the Type Mapping system, an integrated set of Type-based questionnaires which shines a light to help with performance and satisfaction and provides an invaluable source of information for executive coaching, management development and team dynamics. For more information on the course see: Team Focus Website,

Contact Team Focus direct on +44 (0) 16278 637338, or e-mail :

Type Pro Certification

This is a blended learning programme over 6 weeks that combines e-learning, video content and live webinars plus practical feedback to give you a grounding in Type Theory which will allow you to understand and access a number of type tools once completed. This is a new programme offered by Angelina Bennet and Gareth English (both ex-OPP). You can find out more on their website

Team Management Profile (TMP)

See TMP Information to read about the Team Management Profile on the TMSDI website. Contact TMSDI for more details on: 01904 464515, or e-mail