Wednesday, 5th June 12 – 5pm

After a buffet lunch served on arrival, which gave a chance to network, eat, chat and flick through the pages of Danny Wedding’s book ‘Movies and Mental Illness’, a festival of video clips was shown.  Each of the clips was chosen to stimulate discussion and interest on three different personality-related themes.  Attendees were invited to:

  • Watch a selection of short video clips to provoke debate (see below for individual sessions)
  • Break into small groups to discuss and really dig into the topic
  • Reconnect as a whole group to share and capture highlights
  • Vote for best video clip

The event was chaired (and one session facilitated) by: Tameron Chappell (CPsychol. Athinka and TPF Chair) and facilitated by Ben Williams (MD Sten10) and Alison Hall (Principal Psychologist Feel Good Co.).

See photo of the facilitators clearly enjoying the event!

More feedback on each session and a related reading list to follow, for more information contact

Quotes from Attendees:

‘Fabulous day at The Psychometrics Forum event in London yesterday with a great group of people including the eminent Tameron Chappell, Ben Williams and Alison Hall talking about the integration of AI, robots and work, the role positive psychology plays in us and in work, and what is needed to identify those with high potential. So very nice to be back in a room with this community, where the critical perspective is key, and the sharing of ideas and research is hugely beneficial to our practice.’

Film Clip Sessions:

Ben Williams, CPsychol., Managing Director Sten10

Ben is a Business Psychologist and heads up the Sten10 assessment design consultancy, specialising in the creation of innovative psychological tests and other assessments to gain insight into people’s behaviour, motivation and personality.  The session that Ben facilitated ‘Do Robots Have a Personality? Does it Matter?’ included the following clips:

  • Kate Darling: Can we have empathy for robots?
  • Robot + ChatGPT
  • Connor Esterwood: Robots in a team

The Kate Darling clip raised a great deal of discussion – how do we really feel about robots? with specific discussion points:

  1. Do we feel empathy towards robots?
  2. Do we trust them? What implications does this have for working alongside them?
Ben Thornton

Tameron Chappell, CPsychol., Chair – The Psychometrics Forum, Business Psychologist, Athinka Ltd.

Tameron is a Business Psychologist with over 15 years international experience. An expert in team dynamics, motivates and develops individuals and teams to achieve business objectives. Tameron uses group training and individual coaching to support bespoke L&D and change delivery programmes.  Tameron’s film clip session ‘Positive Psychology: Do you Believe?’ covered the following clips:

  • Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology
  • Robert Wildinger on Harvard’s 85 year study
  • Sven Brinkman: focus on the negative
  • Rob Cross on social connections

With the discussion session focusing on: Should we just focus on our strengths or do we need to consider weaknesses too?

Ben Thornton

Alison Hall, Principal Psychologist, The Feel Good Co.

Alison Hall is a Business Psychologist, Coach and Facilitator at The Feel Good Co., bringing teams together, driving collaboration: leading, mentoring and coaching people to fulfil their potential and deliver results. Alison’s film clip session ‘High Potential’ covered the following clips:

  • Simon Sinek talking about potential
  • Bob Hogan’s view on High Potential

With discussion points on:

  1. What is High Potential and how might it differ from high performance?
  2. How do you measure HP and should you invest more in your HiPo’s than others in your organisation?

The session promoted great conversations inspired by Dr Robert Hogan and Simon Sinek on what high potential is, how you measure it and what it means for organisations.