May 16, 2018 at the Naval Club

Ben Thornton

Ben Thornton, Director PWC HR Consulting Practice

Leads the HR Transformation proposition for PWC UK, including Technology

In this interactive session Ben shared a number of recent PWC thought leadership papers including: Mega Trends – the 5 trends shaping modern life; Workforce of the Future – thinking about how this uncertainty is impacting the world of work covering considerations of collectivism v individualism and business fragmentation v integration; Power to Perform – the Human Capital priorities that are emerging.  Ben will be discussing these themes, particularly some of the emerging technologies that are starting to re-shape people processes. This will be an interactive session with syndicate and open floor discussions to give an opportunity to discuss and address some of the key challenges that arise.

Professor Peter Saville

Chair 10x Psychology Limited, previously Saville Consulting; Saville & Holdsworth; NFER – Nelson.

Peter Saville spoke in an interactive session on past and current attempts in psychometrics to develop equations and algorithms to implement change and enhance prediction, performance and outcomes in psychology. Peter will then consider the application of Big Data and present recent research on both intrinsic and extrinsic factors to improve performance of high level teams in education, the workplace and professional sport.