Testimonials on the independent group of Psychometric Practitioners

Kellam Greenwood, Director, Unlocking Talent Ltd.

“Both sessions were very helpful. Lots of people spoke to me. They were friendly and welcoming. The discussion around using a combination of personality measures in career counselling was a good and useful reminder, which I’ll apply.”

Sarah Perrott, Consultant, Forrester Partners

“I attempt to attend all the meetings of The Psychometric Forum. I find the sessions useful, stimulating and always learn something new. The networking is useful and helpful and the group of people there very welcoming and supportive of each other. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of joining to come along and give it a try.”

Harpal Dhatt, Organisational Development Facilitator, Fulham Primary Care Trust

“It is where experienced users and novices come together to expand psychometric understanding.”