• A few words from your editor, Tameron Chappell, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Harvey Nash.
  • TPF Committee – update
  • Pioneers and landmarks in Intelligence Testing: 4 Intelligence at War: Robert Yerkes and the US Army Alpha examination. Dr Hugh McCredie, Independent Chartered Psychologist & TPF Committee Member
  • Test User-Occupational Personality: Getting it Right? Carl Francis, Head of UK Operations, Psytech International; Tim Evans, Director of Psysoft Ltd.;
    Helen Baron, Independent Consultant, Psychometric Test Development. All three presented at the TPF 22nd June event and are reviewed by Lynne Hindmarch, Business Psychologist at Organisational Behaviour Consultancy & TPF Co-Chair.
  • Voiceprint: How the Way We Talk Shapes How We Think and Act. Alan Robertson, Business Cognition Ltd., Presenting at TPF 20th September event.  Review by John Jackson, Fusion Leadership.
  • The Dark Matter in Organisations: Recognising, Understanding and Working Through Relational Aspects of Teams.  Roy Childs, Team Focus Ltd., Presenting at TPF 20th September Event. Review by Amanda Whiteford, Talent & Potential and Tameron Chappell, Chartered Occupational Psychologist at Harvey Nash & TPF Committee Member.