·      A few words from your Editor by Adrian Starkey

·      Heroes, landmarks and blind alleys in personality assessment: 5. The contribution of the laboratory and experimental psychology: The work of Jeffery Gray (1934–2004) –  Dr Hugh McCredie, TPF Vice-Chair

·      Dr Rainer Kurz – Structure and dynamics of personality, ability and competency assessment (TPF, 25 June 2014), review by Dr Jane Pollock

·      Dr Paul Barrett – Beyond GMA: cognition, cognitive processes & the cognitive process profile (CPP) (TPF, 25 June 2014), review by Dr Kate Hammond

·      Andrew Munro – Illuminating the dark side/drunks looking for keys under a lamp post? (TPF, 25 September 2014), review by Nicholas Bennett – TPF committee member and Chairman of Ledborough Associates.