New Frontiers in Psychometrics 2016

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016 New Frontiers - Tracking a potentially exciting route towards a Periodic Table of Personality Wendy Lord C.Psychol - Independent Consultant Wendy has enjoyed a distinguished career in psychometrics and is probably best known for overseeing the introduction of both 16PF5 and the NEO series of personality [...]

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Psyche 76. Autumn 2016

·      Heroes, landmarks and blind alleys in personality assessment. 9. Arriving at the Frontier. Dr Hugh McCredie, TPF Vice Chair ·      Nigel Povah, Chairman and CEO at a&dc Ltd. Uses and Abuses of Assessment Centres (TPF 23rd June). Review by Dr Jane Pollock, Research & Business Psychologist, Psychometrician. ·      AC Wash-Up Poster (TPF 23rd June) Dr Kate [...]

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Emotional Intelligence – Attitude or Trait?

Wednesday, 21st September 2016 Dan Hughes and Peter Clarke Dan Hughes and Peter Clarke Product Director and Senior Consultant, JCA Global In the morning session, Dan and Peter, introduced attendees to the JCA framework of Emotional Intelligence compared to other established models of EI.  JCA believe that the extent and [...]

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Uses and Abuses of Assessment/Development Centres

Thursday, 23rd June 2016 Nigel Povah, MSc, C.Psychol  As one of the leading Assessment Centre (AC) practitioners in the UK, Nigel talked about the many positive aspects of this often misunderstood methodology.  His session covered what constitutes an AC and the numerous different applications for which they are used, with particular [...]

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Psyche 75. Spring 2016

Heroes, landmarks and blind alleys in personality assessment  8. Connecting normal and dysfunctional personality characteristics  - Dr Hugh McCredie, TPF Vice Chair Dr Pete Jones - Unconscious bias: further developments in implicitly (TPF, 25 June 2015) - Review by Dr Kate Hammond, Business Psychologist & Associate Lecturer Mark Powell - Finding future leaders in your [...]

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Coaching for Career Development

Thursday, 10th March 2016 Dr Paul Brewerton C.Psychol Dr Brewerton from Strengths Partnership provided an interactive session focusing on the application of the strengths approach and Strengths Partnership’s proprietary assessment system, Strengthscope®, to facilitate career coaching conversations and to propel clients forward. Dr Robert Archer, C.Psychol [...]

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New Frontiers in Psychometrics 2015

Tuesday, 24th November 2015 Speakers: Dr Hugh McCredie, John Hackston, Rab McIver, Lauren Jeffery-Smith and Helen Baron Our 2015 New Frontiers in Psychometrics was themed 'From Intuition to Algorithms in Selection and Development’ and covered the following topics: Towards a generic algorithm for selecting managers Closing the academic-practitioner-nonexpert gap: [...]

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Talent Management

Tuesday, 22nd September, 2015 Mark Powell Managing Consultant, CEB (Now Gartner) Finding Future Leaders in Your Organisation What is leadership potential? What is the relationship with between potential and performance? How can potential be measured? These were some of the questions that Mark Powell from CEB addressed in his session [...]

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Psyche 74. Summer 2015

A word from your editor by Adrian Starkey The utility of psychometric tests for small organizations – Prof. Paul Barrett Heroes, landmarks and blind alleys in personality assessment 7. Personality, feelings and the pursuit of happiness  - Dr Hugh McCredie Workforce analytics: who’s fooling who?  -  Dr Max Blumberg TIFF – the ‘actometric’ [...]

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Working with Diversity

Thursday 25 June 2015 Speakers and Topics: Norman Buckley: Facet5 andDr Pete Jones: Unconscious Bias: further developments in Implicitly Norman Lee Buckley Facet5 Author Norman Buckley is a specialist with over 40 years experience in test development and organisational work. His work focuses on delivering practical organisational benefits underpinned by deep [...]

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