Tuesday, November 28th 2017


Dr Hugh McCredie, Dr Rainer Kurz, Dr Nigel Guenole, James Bywater

This very successful and well attended event looked at new concept psychometrics, new applications, new insights, new alternative models of personality, ability and competence, new methods of test administration and comparative validation studies.  We received excellent feedback including the following comments:

‘Very enjoyable day a good range of topics’

‘Thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating day’

‘All talks were interesting.  Good flow from one talk to another.  Some great discussions’

The event was chaired by Dr Hugh McCredie, who sadly announced his retirement from organising and managing New Frontiers for the last 10 years. The Psychometrics Forum thanked Hugh for his tremendous dedication to the Forum and to this popular annual seminar.  We are pleased to say Hugh’s legacy of gathering the latest research in Psychometrics will be continuing into 2018.

Ben Thornton

Dr Hugh McCredie

Independent Researcher and Writer

Hugh is a retired corporate HR executive and management assessment and development consultant and is an independent researcher and writer on personality and individual differences. He has been Vice Chair of The Psychometrics Forum for many years, stepping down at our AGM in March 2018.  His book Improving Managerial Talent: Practical Psychology for Human Resourcing and Learning & Development Professionals has recently been published by Routledge.  Click on the link above for more details and click here for a 20% discount at the Routledge checkout. Hugh’s introduction to the day covered his article ‘Connecting normal and dysfunctional personality characteristics in Assessment & Development Matters, Summer, 2016, which Hugh described as a ‘warm-up’ to Rainer’s session.  He also provided an introduction to James Bywater’s talk later in the afternoon –  ‘Relating implicit and explicit personality measures’.

Ben Thornton

Dr Rainer Kurz

Managing Consultant, Cubiks Group

Rainer is a former director of Saville Consulting, where he was associated with the development of the Analysis Aptitude Assessment Range and Wave Professional Styles. He is a distinguished and widely published psychometrician and was the lead researcher credited with the identification of the ‘Great Eight Competencies’ and their psychometric underpinnings. The subject of Rainer’s talk was ‘Person * Environment = Behaviour (Adaptive & Maladaptive)’ based on Rainer’s presentation on personality and work behaviour to the 2016 Coaching Psychology Conference and an earlier presentation on the effect of trauma on IQ.

Ben Thornton

Dr Nigel Guenole

Goldsmiths University of London

Nigel specialises in talent management and applied statistics, his work has appeared in leading scientific journals including Industrial Organisational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice and Frontiers in Quantitative Psychology & Measurement, as well as in the popular press including the Sunday Times.  The topic of Nigel’s talk was – New Insights into Team development.  He presented new research on the structure of team personality, showing that individual personality models are unlikely to be appropriate descriptions of teams. He discussed implications for team composition, assessment and development

Ben Thornton

James Bywater

Product & Innovation Director, Korn Ferry Hay Group

James’s LinkedIn entry describes his specialities as ‘Thought leader in Global Talent Acquisition and Management. Innovator in using technology.’  He is a frequent contributor to the BPS periodical Assessment & Development Matters where his most recent (co-authored) article was entitled ‘Predicting leadership derailment through alternative means’. His talk covered the topic of ‘Values-based recruitment: Considerations and consequences’ based on James’ co-authored article (with Szandra Pankasz) ‘Values-based   recruitment and assessment: A reflection’ in  Assessment & Development Matters, Winter, 2016