On Wednesday 28th November 2018, we held our annual New Frontiers Seminar, always a popular event, this year was no exception and very well received.  The theme for our annual event was: ‘How is technology disrupting the recruitment and development process?’.  A huge topic, but our speakers who were a mixture of practitioners currently navigating this space and representatives from organisations, were able to pass on their knowledge and experiences of harnessing advances in technology to improve the recruitment process.

See below for more information on speakers and topics:

Ben Thornton

Ben Williams

A Practitioner’s View of Game-Based Assessments

Ben provided an introduction to the world of Game-based assessment (GBA), from the point of view    of a practitioner navigating their way through the various options and sharing some ideas of how to make an informed choice about when and if to use them

Ben Thornton

Kate Glazebrook

Engineering for Equality: how behavioural and data science can make recruitment smarter, fairer and easier.

Kate spoke about her early work in the Behavioural Insights Team advising the UK government, and how that led to the creation of Applied, which seeks to use nudge and evidence-based design to reduce the bias in recruitment decisions.

Ben Thornton

Dr Kiki Leutner and Dr Gema Ruiz de Huydobro

AI Versus Traditional Assessments: accuracy, ethics and practical implications

Can AI help us create better assessments of intelligence, competencies, and personality? Research suggests algorithms can accurately detect personality traits based on observed behaviour. There is increasing evidence that video and game based assessments are accurate alternatives for traditional structured interviews and IQ tests. New assessment technologies are gaining ground in applied practice. Kiki and Gema discussed what is possible, what is ethical, and what precautions need to be taken before adapting AI based assessment solutions.

Ben Thornton

Alexandru Popa-Antohi

Exploring the Inter-Section between Technology and Coaching

Alexandru spoke about his work supporting leaders’ development in Vodafone, recent use-cases and experiments that explore the intersection between technology and coaching, and how the profession might advance with the use of disruptive technologies, including AI or VR/AR.