Tuesday, 22nd November 2016

New Frontiers – Tracking a potentially exciting route towards a Periodic Table of Personality

Ben Thornton

Wendy Lord

C.Psychol – Independent Consultant

Wendy has enjoyed a distinguished career in psychometrics and is probably best known for overseeing the introduction of both 16PF5 and the NEO series of personality measures into the UK and has authored manuals and user publications for both instruments.  Her talk was titled ‘The utility of the NEO Personality Inventory in relation to the evolution of our understanding of the Five Factor model’. Wendy led the team responsible for adapting the third US edition of the NEO PI to the UK population.  In her talk Wendy, ‘The use of psychometric tests in practice’, Wendy outlined the history of the NEO and presented the most recent advances in our understanding of the Five Factor Model (FFM) on which it is based. She went on to explore the latest iteration of the NEO in terms of its fitness for purpose in terms of both reflecting latest thinking on the FFM and its relevance to the changing landscape of work.

Ben Thornton

Dr Hugh McCredie

Chartered Psychologist  – Vice-chair The Psychometrics Forum

Hugh is a retired corporate HR executive and management assessment and development consultant. He is an independent researcher and writer on personality and individual differences, especially as applied to management assessment and development. He authored Selecting & Developing Better Managers (2010) and is Assessment & Development Matters’ most frequent contributor.  At this event, Hugh discussed the ‘Circumplex models of Personality’ based on his 2015 article of that title in Assessment and Development Matters.

Ben Thornton

Professor Stephen Woods

Chartered Psychologist, Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at Surrey Business School, University of Surrey.

Stephen is Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology, known for his research on psychometric and personality trait assessment, personality and vocational development, and recruitment and selection. He is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, and Work and Stress. Professor Woods works with businesses and organizations globally in the areas of HR assessment and development. For this event, he took us through his co-authored paper mapping Big Five personality factor scales to  the Circumplex Model of personality in the prestigious Journal of Applied Psychology – ‘Toward a Periodic Table of Personality’.

Ben Thornton

Dr Anat Bardi

Reader (Associate Prof) in Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Anat’s research focuses primarily on personal values (what is important in the life of an individual), including how values relate to personality and to behaviour. Recently, she has been particularly focused on value change, funded by the British Academy and Nuffield and her work has challenged previous assumptions on value stability and change. She serves as a co-chief editor at ‘Frontiers in Personality and Social Psychology’.  The topic of Dr Bardi’s talk was  ‘The Schwartz circumplex of values:  Relations to the Big 5 and Occupational Implications’.   The Schwartz value circumplex is the leading model of values in social/personality psychology.  The presentation was based on Anat’s recent meta-analysis on values and Big 5 relations in Personality and Social Psychology review.  The talk included occupational implications relating to the use of values in career consulting.