Thursday, 8th March 2018 at the Naval Club.

Ben Thornton

Diane Newell

Managing Director of The OCM’s Coaching Services business

Diane led an informative and interactive session in the morning, helping us to explore what neuroscience is revealing about the working of the human mind and we debated: What are we learning from neuroscience that is important for coaching practice? What assumptions, or practices does it call into question? Can neuroscience be used to create psychometrics that support coaching practice? and what is the role of Psychometrics?

Ben Thornton

Doug Strycharczyk

CEO of AQR International

Doug talked about Mental Toughness and the development of the MTQPlus. The discussion was around  how we act and how we respond emotionally to events – importantly, why things happen, or don’t happen. Attendees had the chance to complete the MTQPlus beforehand, which provided an opportunity to engage more fully in the session.