Friday 22nd September 2023       09:50am – 1pm BST

Measuring Team and Organisational Effectiveness – Online Seminar

Is a team more than the sum of its parts?

Work teams are performance units organised to promote organisational effectiveness.  Even individual contributors are nested within the team structure of an organisation in some informal if not formal way.  We are familiar with the idea of assessing an individual using personality tools but how do we assess a team? Is it simply a matter of amalgamating the individual results and presenting a summary or is there more to it? Does the difference between a team and a group have any impact on collective effort.

Our speakers: Dr Declan Woods from Team Genie, Michele Guarini and Dr Rainer Kurz from HUCAMA and Dr Gordon Curphy from Curphy Leadership Solutions, have been researching, investigating, observing and developing instruments over decades and were able to provide answers to the questions above and more.

Ben Thornton

Dr Declan Woods, PhD, CPsychol.

CEO, Team Genie

All Change in Assessing Team Effectiveness: Or Is It?

In this interactive session, Declan shared his research about the common pitfalls faced when assessing teams.  He discussed how teams at work have changed over the past 3 years, including the impact of COVID-19, and what this means for assessing a team’s effectiveness.


Declan is a Chartered Psychologist, holds a doctorate in researching teams, and is an accredited Master Team Coach.  He volunteers as the Global Head of Team Coaching for the Association for Coaching (AC) and created their team coaching standards.  Declan leads teamGenie – a global consulting company specializing in designing, coaching, and developing teams – and is the creator of the team diagnostic tool, teamSalient.  Alongside this, Declan is Professor of Leadership Practice at King’s College London (KCL), and the author of the acclaimed book, ‘The Triumphant Team’ – a self-help book for leaders and their teams (see published in October 2022.  Contact: /

Dr Rainer Kurz

Michele Guarini, CEO, HUCAMA

Dr Rainer Kurz, PhD, CPsychol., R&D Psychologist, HUCAMA

Team, Group and Organisational Reporting across Personality, Ability and Competency Assessments

As a professional football coach Michele was concerned with team performance on the pitch.  He started using motivation and personality questionnaires when he joined SHL Denmark in 2006.  Since founding HUCAMA in 2009 he has used psychometrics to drive team and organisational effectiveness.  Together with Chief Psychologist Dr Rainer Kurz he developed the Role Wheel report that blends Team Roles and the Great 8 Success Factors for individual, team and group reporting.  The methodology involves the use of Intra-Personal (i.e. ipsatised) scores that remove the effect of response style and dynamic HTML.  Michele and Rainer were able to effectively illustrate this by use of a case study.


Following a Mechanical Engineer Apprenticeship, Michele became a professional Football Coach for two decades while running a café and an outdoor cinema.  For a period, he ran FC 1893 Copenhagen who (historically) twice beat Barcelona.  He joined SHL Denmark in 2006 where he was involved in talent management initiatives that leveraged the Universal Competency Framework (UCF).  He co-founded HUCAMA in 2009 where he has deployed assessment solutions across the globe to boost team and organisational effectiveness.  He contributes to the running of the New Nordic Leadership Institute and the Copenhagen Coaching Centre.  Michele holds a MA Philosophy and a MBC Master in Business Coaching.

Rainer joined Saville & Holdsworth Ltd in 1989 and contributed to test development, validation and computer-based assessment projects leading to the publication of the World of Work (WoW) model and the Great 8 Competencies (Kurz & Bartram, 2002).  After a brief stint at Career Harmony, a Manpower subsidiary, he joined in 2004 the ‘Dream Team’ at Saville Consulting spearheading the development of 50 ability tests and the Performance 360 feedback tool as well as the Team Role report for Saville Consulting Wave.  At Cubiks he developed half a dozen products in 6 years and architected talent management solutions across personality, ability, and competency assessments.  At HUCAMA he led the development of the HUCAMA FACTORS suite consisting of Personality, Ability and Competency Factors ranges.  His MSc Industrial Psychology dissertation on rule-based item generation was supervised by Prof Dave Bartram and his PhD on ability testing supervised by Prof Ivan Robertson.  He is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist (2001) and Principal Certified Business Psychologist (2022) with more than 150 publications.

Dr Gordon Curphy

Dr Gordon Curphy, PhD

Managing Partner of Curphy Leadership Solutions

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Team Assessments

Improving team effectiveness represents a huge opportunity for internal and external consultants, yet most of what happens in this arena falls far short of the mark. Dr Curphy reviewed the role groups and teams play in organisations, the barriers to effective teamwork, and what consultants get wrong when working with teams. He also provided practical advice on how to help organisations scale effective teamwork.


Taking a scientist-practitioner approach to leadership, Gordy has spent the past 30+ years researching, teaching, practicing, and providing consulting advice on leadership.  He has written 23 books, numerous articles and book chapters, and sold over 100,000 copies of the number one selling textbook Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience (10th Ed.).  He is also the architect of The Rocket ModelÒ, The Rocket Model: Practical Advice for Building High Performing Teams, Ignition: A Guide to Building High Performing Teams, and the Team Assessment SurveyÒ–tools intended to help companies scale effective teamwork.

As a practitioner, Gordy has held numerous leadership positions in the United States Air Force, United States Air Force Academy, Center for Creative Leadership, Blandin Foundation, and Korn/Ferry International.  In addition to running his own business since 2002, Gordy has done ex-pat assignments and led start-ups, turn-arounds, major organizational change initiatives, and rapid growth companies.  He has built leadership and team assessments, conducted over 2,000 in-depth executive assessments, designed and facilitated 600 senior team engagements, and trained 20,000 leaders on a variety of topics.