Tuesday, 24th September 2019 at The Caledonian Club, London, SW1X 7DR.

Speakers: Dr Ryne Sherman, Zsolt Feher, Dr David Biggs, Gillian Hyde.  This very special event presented the latest thinking and research on Hogan and Leadership with leading speakers from the USA and Europe. It included new research on 8 common patterns responding to the Hogan suite of instruments that are both psychologically useful and psychometrically valid.  Speakers presented their thoughts on leadership potential from a Hogan perspective including ‘what gets you there might not keep you there’.  Case studies were provided demonstrating deeper and sometimes surprising insights gleaned from the HDS  and an expert panel discussion gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions of leading Hogan experts in the field.  This event will be reviewed in our next Psyche Newsletter.

Ben Thornton

Dr Ryne Sherman

Hogan HQ Chief Science Officer

Latest Hogan Research and Development

Ryne is responsible for managing the primary functions with Hogan’s industry-leading research department.  His research on the psychological properties of situations and their interaction with personality has been awarded federal support from the USA National Science Foundation and in 2016 he was named a “Rising Star” by the Association for Psychological Science. Ryne provided an overview of the latest research and development at Hogan, as well as an innovative approach to identifying common person profiles that are psychometrically valid and practically useful.

Ben Thornton

Zsolt Feher

Managing Director, Europe, Hogan Assessment Systems

Panel Discussion and Questions

Zsolt has 20 years’ experience in the consulting industry and has delivered numerous workshops on leadership, company and project management, public speaking and HR development.  He is driving the growth of Hogan’s direct marketing and thought leadership campaigns across Europe. He is also responsible for strategic planning and growth in Hogan’s European business channel. He works with key European partners, distributors and multinational consulting companies to integrate Hogan’s solutions into current business offerings.  Zsolt led the panel discussion at the end of the day, providing an opportunity for attendees to ask questions of leading Hogan experts in the field.

Ben Thornton

Dr David Biggs

Senior Consultant, Advanced People Strategies

What gets you there, may not keep you there – A Hogan Perspective

Many of us arrive  fresh faced in an organisation, do well and get promoted rapidly.  However, can this performance be kept up?  David provided attendees with key thoughts on high potentials from a Hogan Perspective.

As an occupational psychologist, David is a verified assessor (ATU/TUOA/TUOP) in Hogan Assessments with a strong academic and practitioner background publishing over a hundred publications including books, peer-refereed articles, chapters and conference papers. David is also interested in the process of consultancy, of adding value to a client. David believes in nurturing talent and developing individuals to be the best they can be.

Ben Thornton

Gillian Hyde, C.Psychol

Chief Psychologist, Psychological Consultancy Ltd

Peeling the Onion: case studies demonstrating deeper and sometimes surprising insights gleaned from the HDS

Gillian has more than 25 years’ practitioner experience in applying psychological assessment in the leadership development arena. As Chief Psychologist at Psychological Consultancy Ltd, her client work ranges from one-to-one executive coaching to creating and validating bespoke assessment systems. She has worked with a diverse range of organisations including UBS, HBOS, Standard Chartered, Virgin Media, HMRC, The British Council and BMW.