FAQ for Psychometric Information and Psychometric Support

Q: I live and work in Eastern Europe, but visit the UK occasionally to attend conferences. Can I join The Psychometrics Forum?

A: Certainly, you can join the Forum. We publish dates of meetings a year in advance, so you may be able to plan your attendance around one of these. We have several members who originate from other European countries. You won’t be alone!!

Q: What do I get for my membership apart from attendance at meetings?

A: You will get a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed about events. Power Point presentations are available to those who attended the meeting, providing them with an accurate record of the event they have attended. Non-attendees who are members can obtain a set of PowerPoint presentations for a fee of £10 per set from our administrator.

Q: Are there any other benefits?

A: With the increased membership that we are now experiencing, The Psychometrics Forum is continuing to explore a range of benefits for its members, including discounts on test materials, publications and training courses.

Q: My needs are more centred on coaching and personal development. How will I benefit?

A: We have many members who work in these areas and who find that the use of test material enriches their work. Professional coaches have addressed our group.

Q: Will attendance count towards my Continuing Professional Development?

A: Yes. We issue certificates of attendance at the end of each meeting which are acceptable to the CIPD and to the BPS.

Q: Are meetings a full day?

A: Our full day runs from 10.00am until 4.30pm. Both the morning and afternoon sessions have tea and coffee breaks; there is also a full lunch provided. These breaks are excellent opportunities for networking and for discussing assessment, development and related issues.