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I Gave the Job To An AI Machine: Cognitive Ability and Potential, What Are We Really Assessing For?

Thursday 13th July 2023

9:30am – 12:15pm

Online Seminar followed by TPF’s Annual General Meeting

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Machine learning is shaping our world! Despite AI being used as a label to refer to everything from a key-word matching search through to The Terminator it’s the Large Language Model machine learning tool called ChatGPT which is disrupting our working world. Every other LinkedIn post seems to be discussing it in some form including reports of recruiters choosing it as a candidate over a human and it being able to outperform humans on critical reasoning tests like the Watson Glaser.

If we hold to our evidence-based roots we will all be familiar with Schmidt and Hunter’s meta analyses which showed that the best single predictor of future performance was cognitive ability (GMA specifically). A combination of GMA and a structured interview being the highest predictor of future performance.

In this seminar we will look more closely at cognitive ability to find out what it actually is measuring, and whether it can separate us from the machines!

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The seminar finishes at 12:15pm and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) starts at 12:20 until 12:50pm.  Anyone attending the seminar is welcome to stay on, for those TPF members who wish to attend the AGM only, please contact trish@psychometricsforum.org for a joining link.


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