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Welcome to another all-star online Psychometrics Forum Seminar. For this special morning session, our HR and Psychological related themes are HR Automation/Augmentation: Who Benefits, AI Integration in Recruitment and we will also hear about the results of a recent survey ‘Technology and Measurement around the Globe: A European Perspective’.   See below for Eventbrite Booking and Event Flyer:

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We are delighted to announce that our speakers for the September event will be Oliver Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, 10x Psychology discussing the topic HR Automation/Augmentation: Who Benefits? Oliver will then lead a question and answer session on AI Integration into the recruitment process.  Welcoming him back to TPF’s online events, we are fortunate to have Dr Nigel Guenole, Director of Research, Institute of Management, Goldsmiths, University of London and Director of Behavioural and Data Science at Podium, discussing survey results of assessment practices in Europe.  This will be a great opportunity for us to take a look in more detail at an important development area for HR and Business Psychologists.

09.45  Registration (bring-your-own coffee and conversation)

10.00  Welcome and Introductions by TPF Event Chair: Pavlos Stampoulidis

10.05  HR Automation/Augmentation: Who Benefits? Oliver Anderson, BSc (Hons) Statistics, MSc Biometry, MSc HRM, MCIPD 

Oliver Anderson

The question for businesses on how to increase productivity whilst still maintaining engagement in the context of ‘overwhelm’ was one to be puzzled over even before the Covid pandemic added more layers of complexity. How do we do more with less? How do we innovate, and fast, in response to the new environment? How do we motivate dispersed and changed teams? Technology has very quickly plugged the gaps to meet the challenges we’ve faced of conducting business across multiple contexts and there will be more changes to come. Oliver will be discussing how early adopters of data-driven people intelligence will have significant advantage over their competitors. He will also share his thinking on how fast or self-paced motivation, engagement and development in the name of productivity will be possible and highly effective via technology.

11:15   Coffee Break and Networking

11:30  AI Integration in Recruitment: Break Out Small Group Sessions and Open Discussion: Oliver will lead an open question and answer session on this key area. Your chance to ask and discuss all those important questions.

12:00  Break

12:05  Technology and Measurement around the Globe: A European Perspective. Dr Nigel Guenole, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS

Dr Nigel Guenole

Nigel, in collaboration with Peter Saville, Founder and Chairman of 10x Psychology and a team of researchers has recently presented a paper on the survey : Technology and Measurement around the Globe (TMAG) looking at assessment practices in Europe.  He will be discussing the findings, which are based on responses to the use of 8 assessment areas that include: Questionnaires; Assessment and Development Centres; Interviews and Games Based Assessments.

See below for a taster video on Nigel’s presentation:


12:40 Closing remarks: TPF Event Chair: Pavlos Stampoulidis

12:45  Session ends


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