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Welcome to the March 2021 Psychometrics Forum virtual seminar


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Our theme is career coaching and we have two different perspectives to share with you. Dr Stewart Desson invites us to explore an individual’s Big Five Traits using a digital tool called Lumina Coach which he has developed as part of the Lumina offering.  It was specifically developed to help individuals take their learning and exploration beyond the workshop to be more hands-on with their own career development.  Lucy Standing and Flandra Abdullahu from Brave Start take us on a journey through the career psychometric landscape and explain the assumptions behind the tools, how useful they are and where the gaps exist in supporting adults to make informed career choices.

Digital Coaching with Lumina Spark: 

Dr Stewart Desson FCIPD

How can a digital and dynamic exploration of an individual’s Big Five traits support an effective coaching dialogue?  The theory behind measuring ‘adaptive’ and ‘maladaptive’ traits within the Lumina Spark module will be explained followed by a live demonstration of the digital ‘Spark Coach’ instrument.

Stewart Desson is an experienced Business Psychologist, the CEO and founder of Lumina Learning, and the author of the innovative Lumina Spark psychometric.  He has a PhD in Business Psychology and is a Chartered Fellow with the CIPD. His PhD has shown that ‘adaptive’ and ‘maladaptive’ traits can be measured at both ends of the Big Five polarities.  He created the hugely successful Lumina Spark psychometric which is used with clients across the globe. He is particularly focused on looking at how personality can help and hinder people’s application and effectiveness in terms of career development, innovation, leadership, engagement and dealing with pressure.


The Career Test Market and Career Changer:

Lucy Standing C.Psychol. AFBPsS and Flandra Abdullahu: Brave Starts

Lucy Standing is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS).  In 2015, she was elected Vice Chair of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP).  Lucy is the Founder of Brave Starts CIC, a not for profit focused on helping people in the latter stages of their career change jobs and move into roles which will help them lead fuller working lives.  Prior to this, Lucy worked in the consultancy, investment banking and strategy consulting sectors.  She has also owned and sold a hotel business.


Flandra Abdullahu is a Volunteer researcher at Brave Starts and Solutions Intern at the Mind Gym.  She is also a volunteer for the ABP being a part of the 2021 and 2020 annual conferences.





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Please note: the seminar will be recorded and we advise attendees, if they prefer not be included, to turn off their video at the start of the session.

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