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Measuring Team and Organisational Effectiveness

Friday 22nd September 2023 9:50am – 1:00pm

Online Seminar 

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Is a team more than the sum of its parts?

Work teams are performance units organised to promote organisational effectiveness.  Even individual contributors are nested within the team structure of an organisation in some informal if not formal way.  We are familiar with the idea of assessing an individual using personality tools but how do we assess a team? Is it simply a matter of amalgamating the individual results and presenting a summary or is there more to it? Does the difference between a team and a group have any impact on collective effort?

Join us online to hear from a range of speakers who have been researching, investigating, observing and developing instruments over decades which provide answers to these questions and more.


The Event Chairs hosting this Seminar will be:

Tameron Chappell  CPsychol., ATHINKA, TPF Chairperson

Alexandru Popa-Antohi, Business Psychologist, Team and Executive Coach














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