Tuesday 20th September 2022 Speakers:  Airlie Hilliard, Senior Researcher at Holistic AI and Doctoral Researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London; Dr Franziska Leutner, Director of Assessment Innovation, HireVue and Dr Suzanne Brink, Senior IO Psychology Consultant, HireVue; Roger Steare, The Corporate Philosopher and Pavlos Stampoulidis, Psychometric Solutions Director at Psycholate and TPF Committee member.

This event was an opportunity to try a novel psychometric test, MoralDNA*  and participate in discussions with fellow psychometricians and an opportunity for attendees to hear about the latest innovations, ideas and views on Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Psychometrics.  Thought provoking and relevant to both working and personal lives today, we were fortunate to have the following speakers to provide the benefit of their research, experience and evaluation of different aspects of AI:

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Ben Thornton

How Can AI Ethics and Psychometrics Come Together?

Airlie Hilliard: Senior Researcher, Holistic AI and Doctoral Researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London

Airlie is a Business Psychologist and researches algorithmic recruitment tools, having created an image-based assessment of personality. Her focus is on the fairness and bias associated with algorithmic recruitment tools and how these risks can be mitigated. She has published articles on algorithmic recruitment tools, AI ethics, and AI governance in academic journals, and has shared her work at the SIOP and ABP conferences.

Airlie gave an overview of AI ethics principles and practices before looking at how AI is being used in psychometrics and recruitment.  She examined how using AI in recruitment can present novel risks, highlighting examples of where we have already seen harm occurring, before outlining how HR tech is being regulated and steps that industry is already taking to ensure their AI is ethical.  Holistic AI is a AI risk management provider and their platform is the leading tool for assessing and assuring AI systems’ code, data, policies and processes.  Their world-leading team of experts and advisors have published hundreds of papers in this area and we are world-first AI auditors with deep practical experience, having audited and assured 100+ enterprise AI projects covering 20k+ AI systems. Their clients and partners include Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, governments and regulators.  Holistic AI empowers enterprises to manage their AI risks and adopt AI with confidence

Ben Thornton

HireVue Assessments from Start to Now

Dr Franziska Leutner, Director of Assessment Innovation and Dr Suzanne Brink, Senior IO Psychology Consultant, HireVue

HireVue solutions include AI-driven assessments that are used to support the selection of job applicants. HireVue was among the first to pioneer this kind of solution and has over time grown in its understanding of how to optimise for accuracy, fairness and transparency. In this presentation, Dr. Franziska Leutner, Director of Assessment Innovation, and Dr. Suzanne Brink, Senior IO Psychology Consultant, talked about HireVue’s journey from start until now.

Franziska is an organisational psychologist and data scientist and publishes scientific articles on computational psychometrics, game based assessments, personality, and entrepreneurship. As a product innovator, she has worked with tech companies and startups to develop the next generation of assessment and selection tools, including at HireVue where she is currently Director of Assessment Innovation. She holds a PhD from University College London.  Suzanne works directly with customers to implement HireVue’s AI-driven assessment solutions. As part of that role, she addresses HR leaders’ questions and educates around the best use of the assessment solutions. Suzanne’s background is in Social Psychology, in which she gained an M.Phil and Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, specialising in social comparison, emotions and motivation.  Before joining HireVue, she gained practical experience in various HR functions in a large multinational company.


Ben Thornton

Using ethical AI to help us decide how to match people to workplace communities: Roger Steare, The Corporate Philosopher

When we talk about ethics what do we mean? Via a pre-recorded video, Roger  discussed what moral philosophies and moral values are found consistently in human communities.  How as individuals and groups do we make ethical decisions and how does collective decision making improve the quality of the decisions made?  When it comes to selection decisions how is AI currently deployed and what might AI do “better” than humans?  What can humans do that AI cannot and perhaps will never do?

As a conclusion Roger looked at how we can design the best of human and AI decision making.

Ben Thornton

The MoralDNA(TM) Profile – Are we doing the right thing?

Pavlos Stampoulidis, Psychometrics Solutions Director, Psycholate

Pavlos took us through the background and development of the MoralDNA* Profiling Tool.

We make hundreds of decisions every day, decisions that not only impact us, but all those around us, from our families, friends and colleagues to complete strangers.  The decisions we make and the actions we take really matter.  Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, yet, understanding how we make up our minds means we’re more likely to do the right thing, in the right way more of the time.  Mapping how the world makes up its mind, MoralDNA  results are helping us understand what influences us and what’s important to us whatever age we are, wherever we live and whatever job we do.  Knowing this can help us all do better.

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