Talent Management

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Tuesday, 22nd September, 2015 Mark Powell Managing Consultant, CEB (Now Gartner) Finding Future Leaders in Your Organisation What is leadership potential? What is the relationship with between potential and performance? How can potential be measured? These were some of the questions that Mark Powell from CEB addressed in his session [...]

Working with Diversity

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Thursday 25 June 2015 Speakers and Topics: Norman Buckley: Facet5 andDr Pete Jones: Unconscious Bias: further developments in Implicitly Norman Lee Buckley Facet5 Author Norman Buckley is a specialist with over 40 years experience in test development and organisational work. His work focuses on delivering practical organisational benefits underpinned by deep [...]

Personality and Politics

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Wednesday, 11th March 2015, Speakers: Professor Adrian Furnham, Dr Rainer Kurz, Dr Hugh McCredie With the UK general election looming, the research into politics, politicians and personality has current and significant impact.  This seminar looked at the subject from the psychological and psychometric point of view with much interesting and enlightening data and [...]

New Frontiers in Psychometrics 2014

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Tuesday, 25th November, 2014, Speakers: Dr Nigel Guenole, Professor Dave Bartram, Dr Paul Flaxman and Dr Tom Hopton The annual New Frontiers in Psychometrics seminar seeks to present contributions which cohere around the Big Five personality dimensions. In this 2014 session we looked at research and developments directly related to the Big Five [...]

Illuminating the Dark Side

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Wednesday, 24th September 2014, Speakers: Dr Robert Hogan and Andrew Munro Dr Robert Hogan Founder and President, Hogan Assessments The dark side of personality Dr Robert Hogan has been shaking up the psychological community since the 1960s. Today he is the leading authority on personality assessment and leadership who has demonstrated [...]

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