Blue Chip User Advantages

All the FTSE Top 100 companies use some form of psychometric assessment.

Surveys conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), show that within The Times Top 250, 80% use tests of ability and around 50% use personality assessments. Tests are used in approximately 70% of all organisations with more than 50 employees.

Blue chip organisations need to ask whether their test users might be isolated? If they are newly qualified, to whom can they turn for an informal discussion on a ‘difficult’ or important profile? Or advice on the most appropriate test to use?

The more prestigious the organisation, the more crucial it is that professionalism is apparent throughout the company. And of course, even experienced test users benefit from an exchange of views. It should be remembered that test interpretation is an art as well as a science!

We invite test users to join us for stimulating discussion and debate; to hear top professionals speak about test usage and test publications – and of course to socialise with like-minded professionals.