Benefits to Psychometric Suppliers and Psychometric Speakers

Rob Hepworth, Member of OPP

“I found presenting to the Psychometrics User Forum a unique and highly engaging experience. It was a great opportunity to share my ideas with fellow psychometricians drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, given that most of my work brings me into contact with non-psychologists who have far less knowledge and experience than that held by Psychometrics User Forum members. I found that the questions and ideas raised by Forum members really challenged my thinking, and brought greater depth and new perspectives to the occupational psychology issues covered by my presentation.”

Roy Childs, Managing Director, Team Focus

“The range of application of psychometrics and the range of quality of their usage is very wide indeed. Even experienced users have much to learn (and those who don’t recognise this have probably the most to learn). The Psychometrics Forum brings together many different experts in order to encourage challenge and debate and to also bring different perspectives and applications. This is especially important for those who have been trained by one particular provider. Each provider necessarily has particular perspectives, beliefs and rigidities and so The Psychometrics Forum can help them to examine, recognise and perhaps “break out” from these. Apart from that The Psychometrics Forum probably organises some of the best value CPD events that can help all good warriors to ‘sharpen the sword’ of their craft.”