Benefits of The Psychometrics Forum:

For Psychometric Practitioners

Forum Events – Continuous Professional Development

We run four CPD events a year, with internationally renowned speakers, giving attendees updates from the cutting edge of psychometrics development. Recent speakers have been: Professor Adrian Furnham, Dr Rainer Kurz, Dr Hugh McCredie, Dr Nigel Guenole, Dr Paul Flaxman, Professor Dave Bartram, Tom Hopton, Dr Bob Hogan, Andrew Munro, Dr Paul Barrett and Professor Stephen Woods. See our Past Events page for details.

Training Opportunities/CPD

We are really excited to be able to offer an ongoing programme of training opportunities, such as psychometric test training and skills development and our latest offer is for BeTalent – Resilience and BeTalent – Psychological Safety.  Recent events have included Lumina Spark, MBTI Step 1, the Hogan Suite, and Saville Wave. Previous offers have included the opportunity to join public courses, with companies such as Hogrefe, Psysoft, VoicePrint, TypePro, AQR International, Team Focus, and TMSDI with more in the pipeline. For non members please see our Training Offers  page for details and use the link Membership and How to Join for information on becoming members and taking advantage of the training discounts.

Free Annual Networking Event

Alongside our more formal programme of CPD events, we also hold a free annual networking event which had mulled wine and mince pies when we were able to meet in person. The networking event takes place after our popular New Frontiers session in November and includes the announcement of the winner of our Psychometrics Forums Excellence award. See our events page for more details.

Access to Psyche

Membership of the Psychometrics Forum gives members the benefit of a copy of the group’s Newsletter, Psyche. Psyche has undergone some changes in the last year and we are hoping to move the content to a more interactive web-based version. We are exploring ways in which we can offer our members additional access to our past resources as part of their membership fee – watch this space!

Archived newsletters are also available on line for all. Please see the Psyche page for access to this material.

Dedicated LinkedIn Group

The Psychometric Forum has a highly active LinkedIn Group with a private membership of over 5,500 members. This is an ideal site for practitioners to ask questions and debate key issues in psychometrics. Search for The Psychometrics Forum Group and request membership to join.

Discount on Forum Events

TPF members have the additional benefit of receiving a discount on our events from £16 to £6. Our move to virtual events has allowed us to offer a considerable cost saving to both our members and non-members and has the added benefit that we can welcome members from our wider community who couldn’t attend our London events.

Other Benefits

The Psychometrics Forum is continuing to explore a range of benefits for its members, including discounts on test materials, publications and training courses.

For Independents

It can be lonely out there! We have many independent consultants who greatly value the opportunity to network and exchange experiences. Join them! Who knows what opportunities might come out of it? Members find our meetings enjoyable and a good mix of socialising and professional development.

For Corporates

Corporate membership is financially advantageous for organisations wishing to enrol 3 or more of their staff in The Psychometrics Forum. Corporate membership costs a minimum of £100 for 3 people, additional members are charged at £20. Not only are costs less than for individual membership, but we can help test users to develop their psychometric knowledge to the benefit of their organisation.

Blue Chip User Appeal

For Sole User in an Organisation

The sole user of psychometric assessments in an organisation can feel isolated just like an independent consultant, having no other informed person with whom matters of test interpretation and usage can be discussed. The Psychometrics Forum can be a valuable means of reference in this circumstance.