Wednesday 6th March 2019 at the Naval Club

Ben Thornton

Speakers: From left to right: Mike Murray, Principal Consultant, PSI Talent Measurement; Dr Chris Dewberry, Reader in Psychology at the Department of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck and Philippa Riley, Director of Global Assessment Products, PSI Talent Management.

As leading practitioners involved in the process of designing and delivering assessment & development centres, Mike and Philippa introduced the session by outlining how to engineer assessment centres in accordance with the BPS recommendations for what would be best practice based on ISO standards.  In the afternoon session Chris Dewberry, an eminent authority on the development of BPS standards framing the design and delivery of assessment centres, fascinated the audience with the depth and detail of his investigations into assessment metrics as well as his findings obtained from the latest research on measuring competencies.

These distinguished presenters were able to provide effective answers to some very challenging questions from our members, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and receiving extremely positive feedback from all participants involved.  In the words of one senior psychologist:  “It was a truly excellent meeting. I was captivated by its style and content throughout: a rare experience these days!”.

Ben Thornton

Philippa Riley

Director of Global Assessment Products, PSI Talent Measurement

Philippa is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, who has been working in the assessment arena for over 10 years, with a particular focus on developing and delivering behavioural assessments including online Assessment Centres.  Her team at PSI is responsible for PSI’s Virtual Assessment Centre platform, VirtualAC, as well as the AC-EXS range of ready-to-use assessment centre exercises. Philippa is a committee member of the UK-ACG, a special interest group focused on the promotion of Assessment Centres in the UK.

Ben Thornton

Mike Murray

Principal Consultant, PSI Talent Measurement

Mike is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, who has been working in the assessment space for 18 years, consulting across a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors.  During this time, Mike has delivered Assessment Centre projects in over 50 countries, for both assessment and development purposes. In this capacity he has experienced a wide variety of different contexts, cultures and client challenges

Ben Thornton

Dr Chris Dewberry

Reader in Psychology at the Department of Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck

Chris began his career at University College London, where he completed a PhD on social categorization and stereotyping. He is the author of Statistical Methods for Organizational Research and has published numerous journal articles.  His current research is concerned with the measurement of competencies, decision-making, and the causes of, and remedies for, student dropout.  His work on competencies with Dr Duncan Jackson and Dr George Michaelidies has led to the first ever unconfounded estimate of the extent to which competencies are reliably measured in assessment centres.